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About Us: The Best Shark Diving Experiences on Earth

Expertise in unique, global expeditions, photography, cinematography and other media, training and education.

Harry and Renee met through their love of sharks. The sharks brought them together. Currently, they are working towards creatively sharing their story with the world, while simultaneously educating the world about sharks. “Parts of our story will come out each edition of our shark story. It’s a creative, entertaining, innovative and unique take on shark conservation. As our story unfolds throughout our local, and global travel, so will the importance of each and every species.”

As Harry and Renee gain social popularity, they continue to sell out unique full-experience expeditions.

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A cultured and charismatic young professional, Renee brings over a decade of executive business, systems engineering and technology experience in optics and aerospace. Renee holds an MS in Aerospace Systems Engineering, with the ability to operate some of the most complicated technologies on the planet, including drones, IR sensors and cameras and ROVs. Renee is a unique blend of science and technology, mixed with executive business and leadership. Renee also has over two decades of experience in music, producing and performing arts. She has built up a strong and respected network along the way consisting of some of the most respected C-Suite Executives throughout global Fortune 500 and 100 corporations, scientific, research and nonprofit. Her network spreads among many industries, including media and entertainment. Renee and Harry are collaborating on a new project with local research involving her aerospace an optics knowledge to benefit the research involving the eyesight of sharks.

Renee is climbing the ranks throughout the diving community, and shark ecotourism and conservation community quickly. A current Master Diver, she is working towards tec diving and her Dive Master training. Renee has taken many credited courses on shark biology and ecology, and continues to strive towards shark education and research. Renee continues to observe and passively interact with sharks in their environment in an effort to share their local history, importance and value to that specific area.

Renee also has debated in accordance with the FWC and many towns, villages and communities throughout Florida in the effort to ban land-based shark fishing. Immediate efforts include combing the local beaches during daylight and at night, urging these fishermen face to face the ramifications and dangers of land-based fishing for the animals, and for the local swimmers. In addition, she routinely collects trash on the shore, mostly consisting of finishing line and hooks.

Renee brings a vast and wide audience from all over the world that is completely new to diving and sharks. Consistently, her recommendations feedback results in new shark lovers and new divers. Divers from all around ask to dive with her and where they should dive next.


Renee’s love of sharks started at age 4 after she discovered her love of dinosaurs and paleontology at a very young age. After finding her first shark tooth, started to learn the connection between them.

Sharks are the peak of the pyramid. Conserving these animals means conservation of every part of the ocean and ecology from the smallest microorganism to the sharks themselves. Shark conservation means complete ocean conservation.

Harry brings over a decade of experience globally specializing as a shark guide, operator, handler, and instructor. Harry is established and respected in the industry, and his experience is spread across dozens of large shark species. In addition, Harry is a skilled tec diver, studying under some of the pioneers in our industry. Harry is an active dive instructor who never stops striving and learning. Prior to his diving career, Harry practiced law, and also spent some of his career in big business IT.

Harry brings a much more established, professional operation. Harry brings business, rooted with integrity.

First and foremost, Harry is concerned with safety. In addition, Harry promotes conservation, and as a shark handler, believes in minimal contact with the animals to ensure they are protected, and patrons are protected.

Harry is an established, and recognizable photographer seen on National Geographic and many other recognizable and notable media. He is respected in the field by some of the best photographers in the industry. He has been published in household name publications and works for well-known brands in our industry. Harry will bring his talent and expertise to this area. This is valuable because he can offer assistance and advice to the customer photographers who already admire and respect his work and reputation.