Just call this shark the puffer shark

The Reticulated Swellshark (Cephaloscyllium fasciatum) is a catshark belonging to the family Scyliorhinidae. The Reticulated swellshark is found in the western Pacific Ocean between latitudes 21° N and 28° S, at depths between 719-1,476 feet. It is a blunt snouted shark with an inflatable stomach, narrow eye slits and a pattern of spots and lines covering its body.


Family: Scyliorhinidae – Catsharks

Genus: Cephaloscyllium

Species: fasciatum


Phylum– Chordata

Class– Chondrichthyles


Common NameGround Sharks

Family– Scyliorhinidae

Common NameCatsharks




Average Size and Length: Hatchlings are around 12 cm/4.7 inches. Mature males have been measured at 36 cm/1.2 feet. Mature females have been measured at 42 cm/1.4 feet. The maximum recorded is greater than 42 cm/1.4 feet.

Teeth and Jaw: The teeth are wide with 3 cusps, the central cusp longer and larger than the surrounding.

Head: The snout is blunt. There are ridges over the eyes.

Demographic, Distribution, Habitat, Environment and Range: The Reticulated Swellshark is found in the western pacific (21°N – 28°S), in Vietnam, China, (Hainan Islands), Philippines (Luzon), and northwest Australia on or near the bottom on the uppermost slope between 719-1,476 feet.

Aesthetic Identification: The Reticulated Swellshark is a small catshark with an inflatable stomach. Adults have a pattern of dark lines forming open-centered saddles, loops, reticulations and spots on light greyish back and sides. Young sharks are absent of spots. The ventral side is spotted. The second dorsal fin is much smaller than the first dorsal fin and the anal fin.

Biology and Reproduction: They can inflate their stomachs. They are oviparous.

Behavioral Traits, Sensing and Intelligence: The Reticulated Swellshark will expand itself with air or water in an effort to frighten or scare off predators.

Reticulated Swellshark Future and Conservation: There is not enough data to evaluate. They have been taken by trawlers as bycatch, but are still not of a concern at the moment.

Reticulated Swellshark Recorded Attacks on Humans: Not a threat to humans.