Phylum– Chordata

Class– Chondrichthyles



Common NameGround Sharks

Requiem sharks are sharks of the family Carcharhinidae in the order Carcharhiniformes. They are migratory, live-bearing sharks of warm seas, sometimes of brackish or fresh water. Most species are viviparous, where the young are born fully developed. Requiem sharks are responsible for a large proportion of attacks on humans, among the top five species.

The name may be related to the French word for shark, requin, which is itself of disputed etymology. One derivation of the latter is from Latin requiem (“rest”), which would thereby create a cyclic etymology (requiem-requin-requiem), but other sources derive it from the verb reschignier (“to grimace while baring teeth”).

Atlantic Sharpnose SharkRhizoprionodon terraenovae

Australian Blacktip SharkCarcharhinus tilstoni

Australian Sharpnose SharkRhizoprionodon taylori

Bignose SharkCarcharhinus altimus

Bizant River SharkGlyphis sp. A   some suggest it is the same as Glyphis glyphis

Blacknose SharkCarcharhinus acronotus

Blackspot SharkCarcharhinus sealei

Blacktip SharkCarcharhinus limbatus

Blacktip Reef SharkCarcharhinus melanopterus

Blue SharkPrionace glauca

Borneo River SharkGlyphis fowlerae

Borneo SharkCarcharhinus borneensis

Broadfin SharkLamiopsis temminckii

Bronze Whaler or Copper SharkCarcharhinus brachyurus

Brazilian Sharpnose SharkRhizoprionodon lalandi

Bull SharkCarcharhinus leucas

Caribbean Reef SharkCarcharhinus perezi

Caribbean Sharpnose SharkRhizoprionodon porosus

Creek WhalerCarcharhinus fitzroyensis

Daggernose SharkIsogomphodon oxyrhynchus

Dusky SharkCarcharhinus obscurus

False Smalltail SharkCarcharhinus sp. A

Finetooth SharkCarcharhinus isodon

Galapagos SharkCarcharhinus galapagensis

Ganges SharkGlyphis gangeticus

Graceful SharkCarcharhinus amblyrhynchoides

Grey Reef SharkCarcharhinus amblyrhynchos

Grey Sharpnose SharkRhizoprionodon oligolinx

Hardnose SharkCarcharhinus macloti

Irrawaddy River SharkGlyphis siamensis

Lemon SharkNegaprion brevirostris

Milk SharkRhizoprionodon acutus

Nervous sharkCarcharhinus cautus

New Guinea River Shark or Northern River SharkGlyphis garricki

Night SharkCarcharhinus signatus

Oceanic Whitetip SharkCarcharhinus longimanus

Pacific Sharpnose SharkRhizoprionodon longurio

Pigeye or Java SharkCarcharhinus amboinensis

Pondicherry SharkCarcharhinus hemiodon

Sandbar SharkCarcharhinus plumbeus

Sharptooth Lemon Shark or Sicklefin Lemon SharkNegaprion acutidens

Silky SharkCarcharhinus falciformis

Silvertip SharkCarcharhinus albimarginatus

Sliteye SharkLoxodon macrorhinus

Smalltail SharkCarcharhinus porosus

Smoothtooth Blacktip SharkCarcharhinus leiodon

Speartooth SharkGlyphis glyphis    Some suggest it is the same shark as Glyphis sp. A

Spadenose SharkScoliodon laticaudus

Spinner SharkCarcharhinus brevipinna

Spottail SharkCarcharhinus sorrah

Tiger SharkGaleocerdo cuvier

Whitecheek SharkCarcharhinus dussumieri

Whitenose SharkNasolamia velox

Whitetip Reef SharkTriaenodon obesus