Arabian Smoothhound oR MOSES SMOOTHHOUND

Larger shark among its genus in its range

The Arabian smoothhound also known as the Hardnose smoothhound or the Moses smoothhound (Mustelus mosis) is a shark belonging to the family Triakidae. It is found on the continental shelves of the tropical western Indian Ocean, from the Red Sea and East Africa to Sri Lanka. It is a larger shark respectively.


Family: Triakidae – Houndsharks

Genus: Mustelus 

Species: mosis


Phylum– Chordata

Class– Chondrichthyles


Common NameGround Sharks

Family– Triakidae

Common NameHoundsharks




Average Size and Length: Mature males have been measured between 63-67 cm/2-2.2 feet and reach 106 cm/3.4 feet. The maximum recorded has been 150 cm/4.9 feet.

Teeth and Jaw: The labial furrows are about the same length. The teeth are low crowned with weak cusps.

Head: The head and snout are short. It is broad internarial, and the eyes are large and close set.

Tail: There is a semifalcate ventral caudal lobe.

Demographic, Distribution, Habitat, Environment and Range: The Arabian smoothhound or Hardnose smoothhound or Moses smoothhound can be found in the west Indian Ocean in the Red Sea, the Gulf, in India, Pakistan, and in Sri Lanka (30° N and 7° N). It has also been spotted in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is mostly the only shark of its genus within this range. It is found on the continental shelf on the bottom, inshore and offshore and on some coral reefs between 66- 20-820 feet.

Diet: They eat small bottom fish, crustaceans and mollusks.

Aesthetic Identification: The Arabian smoothhound or Hardnose smoothhound or Moses smoothhound is a slender, yet large shark. This shark is grey or grey-brown without spots dorsally, and lighter ventrally. The dorsal fins are unfringed. The first dorsal fin is white-tipped, and the second dorsal fin and caudal fin is black-tipped (in South Africa).

Biology and Reproduction: They are viviparous, having six to ten pups per litter.

Behavioral Traits, Sensing and Intelligence: Its behavior is not recorded.

Arabian Smoothhound, Hardnose Smoothhound or Moses Smoothhound Future and Conservation: They are currently near threatened. They were common among their range. They are fished in Pakistan and in India as food. They can live well in captivity.

Arabian Smoothhound, Hardnose Smoothhound or Moses Smoothhound Recorded Attacks on Humans: Not a threat to humans.